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More than just a small fine

Many people think that getting pulled over and getting a ticket isn't a huge deal. They pay the fine and go about their lives. What they don't realize is that traffic citations can cost you much more than the original amount of the ticket.


Tickets can cause your insurance premiums to go up, or can even prevent you from getting it altogether. It can also increase the chances that you'll get tickets in the future when officers see you've been pulled over before. Don't let this happen to you.

Protecting your record

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We handle:

  • License suspension for multiple moving violations

  • License suspension for serious speeding violations

  • DUIs

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  • Drug conviction-related loss of license

  • Driving while barred

  • Driving with a revoked license

Traffic citations also show up on many criminal background checks, which can cost you various types

of jobs down the road. Ensure this doesn't happen

to you when you call us today.


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Traffic citations